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Are you about to graduate with a bachelor’s degree? Discover the captivating technical and corporate positions that Elia has to offer!

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What do you have to offer?

You are not afraid to take initiative to identify opportunities and drive positive change. You approach challenges creatively, fostering innovative solutions.

You won’t settle for the ordinary but you are driven by the determination to lead change. You are passionate about driving sustainable progress and creating a greener and brighter energy future for Belgium.

You have a strong foundation and a growth mindset with the willingness to refine skills and approaches.

What does Elia have to offer?

Elia offers a job where no day is the same and where you will work in an environment that puts impact and innovation at the forefront.

Your growth and wellbeing are our priority. We’re not just offering a job, we’re providing an environment that nurtures your professional and personal evolution. At Elia, you can count on training, mentorship and initiatives that empower you to thrive in every aspect of life.

At Elia, collaboration is celebrated. Prepare to be part of a vibrant community of passionate colleagues that sparks innovation through the power of knowledge sharing.

Discover our jobs

Our employees with a technical background play a crucial role in maintaining and troubleshooting our electricity transmission infrastructure. They dive into the heart of our systems, inspecting, repairing, and optimizing various components. Their mission? Ensuring the reliability and efficiency of our energy transmission systems.

No technical background? No problem! You can also find a spot in one of our corporate teams. Whether you crunch numbers, decipher laws, cultivate talents, or wield the magic with words, you will play an important role in the future of energy transition. Get ready to be a vital force in the energy revolution!

Young Graduates at Elia

Explore our colleagues’ stories and get a taste of what will await you as a young graduate at Elia.

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